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Discover happiness by embracing yourself

With the undersating of emotional intelligence you will become the master of your life

Why Emotional Intelligence matters?

Emotional Intelligence is a crucial skill set that transcends traditional measures of success. In a world that values not just what you know but also how you navigate relationships, handle stress, and understand yourself and others, EI has become a cornerstone for personal and professional success. Individuals with high emotional intelligence tend to communicate effectively, resolve conflicts skillfully, and adapt to changing environments with resilience. 

The Emotional Intelligence workbook isn't just a collection of theories; it's a practical guide that bridges the gap between knowledge and implementation. The ability to distinguish your emotions, emotions of friends, collegues and even kids will open the world from new point of view. 

What is inside?

You will know what is emotional intelligence, how to control our emotions, why it's important to understand what we feel, how we can become free and happy,  masters of our lives. 



About the author

My name is Anna Shnaider

I'm a PhD in Philology and psychologist. My long journey from media to myself took me more than 15 years. I'm a lecturer in several univerities and have my own courses, Intellectual capital management, emotional intelligence, and dedicated to media.  I understand how important it's to have the skill of understanding and definying our emotions and what perspectives it's providing to us. We all need to meet the only one important person in our lives, ourselves. Till that moment, we can do anything we want, but when we realize how to deal with ourselves, a new world is opening the sea of new opportunities. When we know how to deal with our emotions, we became the masters of our lives, it means that since now we take the responsibility and become happy! I would be happy to share with you my experience and expertise. 

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What will you get?


A comprehensive exploration of self-awareness, helping you to understand your own emotions and motivations.


Practical techniques for managing stress and handling challenging situations with emotional resilience. After practicing part you will create new habits.


It guides leaders in understanding and motivating their teams effectively, shows  how to understand and inspire employees, making work a positive and productive place.


It will empower you to recognize and understand your own emotions, as well as those of your friends and kids. It teaches you how to deal with negative emotions and turn that energy into something positive for yourself.


Emotional Intelligence is directly applicable in the professional realm, contributing to career advancement. 

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Pink Sugar
I really enjoyed the practice part. I started to analyze my life from different side and it helped me a lot to indentify new goals.


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